1st Time Home Buyers Say Bye-Bye to their Landlord

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Please join me in congratulating my client on the purchase of their new home
They have transitioned from renting to New HOMEOWNER
They overcame many obstacles along the way, we loss a couple of multiple offers battles, and had to back out of a home that needed too many repairs, but we finally ended up with a beautiful home
They no longer have to fight for parking spots, deal with creepy crawlers, mopping up after big rainstorms, rent raises, or Landlords.
They are now building equity every first of the month instead of paying their landlords mortgage
The buyer’s market is back!
Unlike other buyers you will not see them dancing with keys, because their pockets are full with down payment assistance and closing help money!
These buyer received over $16,000 in closing help and now have over $25000 in Equity!
You can BUY a home for cheaper than rent if your credit is 600+! NO DOWN PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE!
I’m always accepting new clients and available to answer any questions you may have about buying or selling
Yes you can Buy. Yes I can Help.
I will use my 20 years of experience to do the same thing for you when you are ready to begin your home buying journey.
You will receive Down payment assistance and Closing Help when you purchase with me.
I look forward to helping you find your dream home so please keep me in mind when you’re ready to start your search
If you are ready to say Bye-Bye to your landlord and purchase your home contact me today
What do you think of the house? Leave a comment!