1st Time Home Buyer receives $16k in closing help

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I help clients create wealth by buying homes with small down payments using Down payment Programs and Grants


Please join me in congratulating my client on the purchase of Her new home

She has transitioned from renter to New HOMEOWNER




We found this Renovated home with a finished basement in a quiet neighborhood.


She now has Parking and a backyard and over $55,000.00 in Equity 


She is now building equity every first of the month instead of paying her landlord’s mortgage!


Will this be the Year you purchase a Home?


If your credit score is 620+ You are Ready to BUY!

Remember that the Seller pays the Realtor’s commission; there are no fees involved in getting the process started. Yes You Can Buy!!


Contact me today to schedule a free consultation with me to see how you can get into a home like this.


Remember that the Seller pays the Realtor’s commission; there are no fees involved in getting the process started. Yes You Can Buy!!


What’s in it for you? No more Application fees, No more Pet Fees, No more Parking issues, Room for the Kids, a Backyard, Equity, Tax write-offs, New Neighbors, Say Bye-Bye to your Landlord!


 What are you putting up with at your rental? How many reasons do you really need? The only reason you need to call is to get into your new home. I have already helped countless people just like you! Not only can I make sure you never pay your landlord another dime, I can get you in your new home with little money down! Contact me today for all the details. You will be glad that you did.


Homes are still selling and going up in value, Sellers are giving Closing help again. Now is the time to buy.


When you turn on the TV and hear, economy slow down, recession, interest rates are up! This means it’s Time to Buy!


What goes up must come down, have a conversation with your parents and grandparents, if they bought in 1980 their interest rate was 18%! If you are paying rent all your money goes to landlord, which means you are paying 100% interest!


The way it works is you buy now, get closing help and down payment assistance, then when the rates go back down; you refinance and keep your mortgage payment the same.


You can tap into your equity for, vacations, college funds, repairs, or down payment on a bigger home.

You can’t refinance if you RENT!




Contact me Today to start your journey




Wesley Howard




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If you are ready to say Bye-Bye to your landlord and purchase your home contact me today.


I help my clients create wealth by using Down Payment and Grant Program to purchase Homes.


Contact me for more information 202-910-2281


If we talked before, reach out to me again


Don’t Let the Next 10 years Pass you by!


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Wesley Howard


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Wesley Howard is a seasoned real estate agent with over 20 years of experience in the industry. His extensive knowledge of the local market and his commitment to providing exceptional customer service has earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted realtors in the area. Wesley is dedicated to helping his clients create wealth by purchasing homes using Down Payment Programs and Grants. He takes pleasure in finding their dream homes and is always available to answer any questions they may have.